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Ketty Introduces AI Book Designer: Revolutionizing Book Production

Ketty Introduces AI Book Designer: Revolutionizing Book Production

Following on from our announcement of the Ketty AI Assistant, Coko is excited to announce the integration of the new AI Book Designer into our open-source online book production platform, Ketty. This innovative tool empowers book creators with advanced design capabilities, offering an unprecedented level of creative freedom and efficiency.

AI Book Designer Demo

Effortless Book Design with AI

The AI Book Designer introduces a groundbreaking approach to book design by allowing users to style and format their books using simple, intuitive commands. Users can say "make the book look modern", "make the text more readable" or click on a chapter title and instruct the AI to "add this to the header," and the changes are applied instantly. This eliminates the need for knowing complex design software or coding, making professional-grade design accessible to everyone.


Demo Using Natural Language to Style

This innovative approach to book design offers several benefits:

  1. Ease of Use: Users no longer need extensive knowledge of design software or coding to create visually appealing books. The AI Book Designer makes professional-grade design accessible to a wider range of users, including independent authors and small publishing teams.
  2. Efficiency: The AI-powered design process significantly reduces the time and effort required to format and style a book. Users can quickly iterate on designs and see the results in real-time, streamlining the production workflow.
  3. Consistency: The AI Book Designer ensures consistent styling throughout the book, as the AI can apply the user's design preferences across all elements, such as chapter titles, subheadings, and body text.
  4. Optional: Inline with our belief that AI assistance should be transparent and optional, we have built controls that allow book owners to turn the AI Book Designer on or off.

Where we are headed

As we look towards the future development of the AI Book Designer, there are several ideas we are currently thinking about:

  • AI-Generated Cover Designs: Generate a range of cover options based on user input.
  • Collaborative AI Design: Enable multiple users to work on the same book design simultaneously (concurrently). This feature could be particularly useful for larger publishing teams or co-authored projects.
  • AI-Assisted Image Management: Automatically apply styles and optimize the placement of images within the book layout.

Join the Movement

Coko believes AI has the potential to transform book production, making it accessible and efficient for everyone. By combining open-source code and principles with cutting-edge technology, Coko is paving the way for a new era of automated typesetting and book design.

Congrats to Ketty team members Dione Mentis, Mathias Romeo, Grigor Malo and Julien Taquet for the fast integration of the designer in Ketty.

For demos, collaboration inquiries, or simply to join the conversation, visit https://coko.foundation/ or email me : adam@coko.foundation !

About Ketty

Ketty is an advanced single source book production system designed to streamline the publishing process entirely online. It supports authoring, collaboration, proofing, copy editing, styling, formatting, annotations, automated typesetting, and exporting in multiple formats directly from a web browser. Ketty continues to evolve, offering a modern, cost-effective alternative to traditional, expensive publishing tools and systems, catering to the needs of publishers, authors and self-publishers alike.

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