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AI Assistant for Writing Books

AI Assistant for Writing Books

We've recently enhanced the Ketty book production platform, which is 100% open source, by integrating an AI Assistant.


This addition is designed to blend seamlessly into the platform's user interface, providing a non-intrusive enhancement to the book creation process. The AI Assistant is an optional feature, allowing book owners the flexibility to enable or disable it as needed. This is especially useful in collaborative projects, ensuring that when the owner activates the assistant, it becomes available to all collaborators, and when turned off, it's inaccessible to everyone.

This integration aims to streamline the workflow by allowing users to generate and work with AI-produced content directly within Ketty, eliminating the need to alternate between a separate LLM chat window and the book project.

We are planning to enhance the AI Assistant within Ketty by introducing additional controls, including the ability to restrict the types of AI requests that can be made. Furthermore, we are exploring ways to clearly delineate AI-generated contributions within the platform. This effort aims to promote transparency and assist users in identifying which sections of the text may require further review for quality assurance purposes.

Of course Ketty also comes with push button PDF rendering courtesy of Paged.js and we will be integrating the AI PDF Designer shortly.


Stay tuned for other advances and announcements coming to Ketty!

If you would like to innovate with us, then please don't hesitate to reach out for a friendly chat (adam@coko.foundation).

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