Writings on AI, Publishing, and Open Source by Adam Hyde.

Adam Hyde is an internationally recognized open access publishing innovator and technology leader. Over his 15+ year career, he has founded pioneering platforms to transform publishing and scholarly communication, including FLOSS Manuals, Book Sprints, Booktype, and Coko. He has developed open source publishing infrastructure used by leading organizations including NCBI, Caltech, Wellcome Trust, Lulu, eLife, the Louvre, and HHMI.

Adam's seminal article series on Single Source Publishing (edited and republished on this blog) has established new paradigms for streamlining publishing workflows.

An exceptional open source contributor, Adam has received prestigious FOSS awards and attracted senior advisors like Tim O'Reilly and Bob Young to support his initiatives. He was hand-picked by Ubuntu's Mark Shuttleworth for the coveted Shuttleworth Fellowship.

Adam also is developing and experimenting with AI, LLMs and GPTs for publishing.

Currently, Adam serves as Founder and Director of Coko, guiding the development of open publishing infrastructure. He also created major community-building events like the Open Publishing Fest and Awards.

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