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AI Writing Assistant

AI Writing Assistant

I've been developing an interaction model for an AI Assistant to enhance the writing of long texts. Currently, my workflow involves:

  • Writing in a document manager, such as this blog or Google Docs.
  • Copying and pasting the text into an AI tool like Claude or OpenAI.
  • Writing a prompt about the changes I want.
  • Iterating a few times.
  • Copying the output back into the original document.
  • Repeating this process for individual paragraphs or sections by:
    • Copying and pasting them into the AI.
    • Writing prompts.
    • Iterating.
    • Copying the revised text back into the document.

While this method is productive, the goal is for the AI to assist directly within the original context (in this blog or Google Docs). This integration would streamline the workflow significantly. Consequently, I have been working on incorporating this functionality into various platforms, including the book production platform Ketty.

The Model

The model aims to allow for a more seamless and efficient writing process based on the above workflow:

  • Integrate the AI Assistant directly into the document editing environment.
  • Enable selection of content in the document to be processed/improved.
  • Eliminate the need for constant copying and pasting.
  • Enable editing of the output returned from the prompt from within the assistant.

Here is a short video of the first version in action.


One of the problems with building 'ahead of established norms' is that you can only leverage your own experience to develop an interaction model. If you are a regular user of AI in writing please reach out with your thoughts, I can also send you a link to try it out.

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